Fire Risk Assessment

The Law

Completion of a fire risk assessment is not only a requirement of current UK fire safety law but also dramatically reduces the risk of a fire occurring in a workplace. 


Currently employers must carry out a fire risk assessment that looks at removing and reducing the risk of fire. If five or more people are employed, the significant findings of the assessment must be documented. 

Competent Person

The Law requires that fire risk assessments are conducted by a competent person. 

Fire Consultancy Ltd's consultants are ex fire service fire safety officers who have many years experience in conducting fire risk assessments in a range of commercial premises. Fire Consultancy Ltd can therefore help where a businesses does not employ any suitably qualified or experienced personnel to conducted the fire risk assessment.

The Report

Following every fire risk assessment we will submit to the client a full confidential report satisfying the legal requirement for significant findings to be documented. Every report will be written in plain english in an easy to read and unambiguous style. Included in every report will be an easy to follow prioritised action plan for the client to follow.